Privacy Policy

Hong Kong Genome Institute (“HKGI“) pledges to fully comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486, Laws of Hong Kong) (the “Ordinance“), including all the applicable data protection principles.  In doing so, HKGI pledges to ensure that its staff, agents and contractors comply with the highest standards in relation to information security and data protection.


Collection of Personal Data


Subject to any applicable exemptions provided for in the Ordinance, when collecting personal data from individuals, HKGI will provide them with a Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”) on or before the collection in an appropriate format and manner.


The personal data we collect may include:


  • Enquiry and complaint records, including but not limited to records containing information supplied by relevant persons in connection with the handling of enquiries and complaints;


  • Personnel records, including but not limited to personal and family information, employment terms, payroll, employment benefits, leave, training and medical records, enrolment of provident fund schemes, performance appraisals, disciplinary records or any other information in connection with job applications or employment matters; and


  • Other administrative and operational records,including but not limited to personal data collected in connection with public participation of HKGI’s projects (such as Hong Kong Genome Project (“HKGP“)), surveys, public engagement and consultation activities, promotional activities, subscriptions to HKGI’s alerts for news and events, visit programmes, appointment to advisory boards and committees, quotation and tender exercises, applications for work contacts, payment records.


Use of Personal Data


Personal data may be used for the purposes of implementing the HKGP and for the following purposes or any purposes directly related to them:


  • for processing individual cases, communicating with the enquirers or complainants and taking follow-up actions as appropriate;


  • for recruitment and human resource management purposes;


  • for various purposes such as processing of applications, participation in HKGP, public consultation, promotional activities, researches and surveys, processing of subscriptions to HKGI’s alerts for news and events, arranging visit programmes, seeking views on policy matters, procurement of goods and services, liaison with work contacts, and effecting payments;


  • for any other purposes as may be permitted by law; and


  • for any other purposes as may be agreed between HKGI and the person that is the subject of the data.


Information Collected When Visiting This Website


Use of cookies: when you browse this website, cookies will be stored on your computer hard drive.  The purpose of using cookies is to optimise use of this website.  HKGI does not collect or store any personal data in the circumstances.  You will have a choice to disable cookies in your browser’s security setting.


Statistics on visitors browsing this website: when you visit this website, HKGI will record your visit as a “hit”.  The webserver makes a record of the visit which includes your IP address, the type and configuration of browser used, language settings, geo-location, operating system used, information on the site which redirects you to HKGI website (if any), screen resolution information, time/duration of the visit and the pages visited on this website (together the “webserver access log“).


HKGI uses the webserver access log for the purpose of maintaining and improving this website.  Such data will only be used and retained for the purposes of website security, error fixing, enhancement and optimisation.


HKGI does not use website visitor data to personally identify anyone.


Outsourcing Arrangements


This website is developed and maintained by a third-party service provider.


HKGI’s IT systems are developed and maintained by in-house staff and/or third-party service providers. The third-party service providers do not have access to personal data stored in the relevant systems except when carrying out trouble-shooting or maintenance functions under the supervision of the relevant HKGI staff.


All third-party service providers are bound by a contractual and statutory duties to keep any personal data they have access to confidential and are prohibited from unauthorised access, use or retention of such data.


Data Security


HKGI endeavours to take appropriate steps to protect personal data against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure in accordance with the Ordinance.


Retention of Personal Data


Personal data will be retained for such period as may be necessary for carrying out the purposes referred to in the PICS or for which the data is or is to be used.  Different retention periods may apply.


Disclosure of Personal Data


Personal data collected by or in the possession of HKGI will be kept confidential but HKGI may, where necessary for the purpose for which the data was collected, transfer or disclose to third parties as provided for in the PICS (if applicable) or otherwise with the prior consent of the person that is that subject of the relevant data.


Data Access and Correction


If you wish to request access to and/or correction of your personal data held by HKGI, you may do so by completing the Data Access Request Form specified by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data and sending the completed form to HKGI at the following address by post:


Hong Kong Genome Institute

2/F, Building 20E,

20 Science Park East Avenue,

Hong Kong Science Park,

Pak Shek Kok, New Territories


Please note that HKGI may refuse to comply with a data access and/or a data correction request in accordance with section 20 and section 24 of the Ordinance.


A reasonable fee may be charged for the processing of a data access request.


By accessing or using this website, you agree to accept unconditionally the terms of this Privacy Policy.  As this Privacy Policy may be revised or amended from time to time by HKGI without prior notice, please check this page for any revisions and/or amendments (if any) that may have been made.


If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and the Chinese versions of this Policy, the English version shall prevail.