Sample Types

If you are a patient:


  • Blood sample

We will need to obtain a blood sample from you (5-10 ml for adults, 3-5 ml for children).


  • Saliva sample

           Depending on your medical condition, we may ask you to provide 3-5 ml of saliva.


  • Buccal swab sample

Depending on your medical condition, we may ask you to provide 2-4 buccal swabs. The collection may take a few minutes.


  • Body tissue sample

For body tissue samples, we will collect them during surgery according to your clinical needs or take them from excised tissues after the surgery. You will not need to undergo additional surgery for us to collect tissue samples for HKGP.


If you are a patient’s family member:


  • Blood sample

We will need you to provide a blood sample (5-10 ml for adults).


Should specific circumstances arise, such as needing additional amounts and/or alternative types of samples, the Project team will use leftover portions of samples you have previously submitted to the Hospital Authority or Clinical Genetic Service, Department of Health for more precise analysis.


The Project team will contact you again if they need additional samples or information from you. You may consider and decide on each new request independently.


Your rights:

  • Providing samples is purely voluntary. You may decide after careful consideration of your situation and when all information is provided by the Project team.
  • When you agree to provide samples, you are authorising and agreeing HKGI to use your samples for HKGP.