Exclusions from the Report

“Whole Genome Sequencing” studies yield an abundance of information. Based on global experiences in other genome projects, project participants may feel overwhelmed if bombarded with a large amount of complex information in a short period of time. HKGI is following the practices of other international genome projects by not listing the following findings in their research reports.


1.Variant of Uncertain Significance (VUS)


VUS refers to genetic variants that are found in the genome, but, with current knowledge of genetics, the Project team is not sure if this variant has any clinical impact on health.


Except for special circumstances, these VUS will be excluded from your report.


It is possible though, that with exponential advances in sequencing technology and genomic medicine, the team may gain new insights into how these VUS may be useful for understanding and treating diseases. Therefore, in the future, HKGI may find it useful to analyse your genome again. Once new results appear, the Project team will contact you and discuss with you the updates of the report.


2. Misattributed Parent-Child Relationship


Genetic tests might reveal the biological relationship between parents and children. However, as this is not the purpose of HKGP, the report will not include any such discoveries.