What are the benefits of joining HKGP?

If you are eligible and agree to join the Project, the Project team will perform Whole Genome Sequencing for you without costs. We will also go through the results with you to help you and your family members better understand your health condition and to potentially gain new information that could lead to more effective treatment options.


If you are a patient with an undiagnosed disease, participating in the Project will:

  • Assist clinicians to uncover the cause of a disease for you and possibly improve your chances of a correct diagnosis;
  • Assist clinicians in devising clinical care and long-term treatment that is more appropriate for you;
  • Help you and your family understand the genetic risks to facilitate family planning; and
  • Potentially improve diagnoses for patients with similar symptoms.


If you are a patient with hereditary cancer, participating in the Project will:

  • Help clinicians formulate more appropriate treatment for you; and
  • Assist scientific researchers and medical professionals to investigate the relationships between genetic variants and cancers that you and other patients have.


If you are a family member of the above patients, participating in the Project will:

  • Help the Project team gain insight into the health condition of your family member by comparing their genome with yours, thus formulating a better care plan for your family member.