Dr CHUI Tak-yi


Dr Chui is the Under Secretary for Food and Health. His current duties are to assist and support the Secretary for Food and Health in the setting of policy objectives and priorities on agriculture, fisheries, food safety, veterinary public health, environmental hygiene, medical and health, and related implementation issues, handling Legislative Council business and strengthening…

Ms Shirley KWAN Yu-pik

Ms Kwan is currently Deputy Secretary for Food and Health (Health). She oversees policy matters relating to the development of genomic medicine as well as healthcare manpower planning and professional development in Hong Kong. She is also responsible for the policies on mental health and the regulation of private healthcare facilities. In addition, she is…

Dr Teresa LI Mun-pik

Dr Li is a specialist in Public Health Medicine and currently the Deputy Director of Health. She oversees areas related to health services and administration including elderly health, family and student health, specialised services, administration and policy, finance, health administration and planning, and health information and technology.