Medical Technologist / Associate Medical Technologist

Associate Medical Technologist Reports to the Medical Technologist
Medical Technologist Reports to Lead Scientist (Genome Diagnostics and Precision Health)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform daily and routine laboratory operations, equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Process and analyse clinical specimens by molecular testing methods following standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Extract DNA/RNA from clinical tissue samples (e.g., whole blood, buccal swab, saliva, tumour, and normal tissues) and perform cell culture work
  • Conduct quality control (QC), library preparation and operate next / third generation sequencing systems, laboratory equipment and analysers
  • Assist in implementing QC, documentation, internal audit and external quality assurance programmes to meet the accreditation standards
  • Aid in developing new protocols and evaluating new sequencing technologies
  • Participate in research and development activities
  • Perform any other duties assigned by senior officers


Additional Duties for Medical Technologist

  • Monitor laboratory daily operations, workload, quality, and quantity for HKGP
  • Supervise and train AMT in research and development
  • Evaluate and develop methodologies in cell culture, conventional and molecular cytogenetics and molecular genetic tests
  • Assist in preparing SOPs, evaluating method and instrument and developing next/third-generation sequencing technology
  • Coordinate with service providers for alignment