Assistant Manager (Project Implementation) – Expired

Dual reporting to the Genome Curation Scientist for the scientific and technical aspects of genomic solution, and to the Manager (Clinical and Research Operations) for project management matters, the incumbent will assume the following responsibilities:


Key Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of a system for tracking the receipt and processing of samples, ensuring the efficient management of sample lifecycle, from intake to downstream analysis
  • Plan, design and administer the implementation of genomic solutions for the Scientific Branch to optimise the quality of data analytic workflow, with a view to expand and introduce new solutions at different stages of sequencing data processing
  • Develop and enhance training materials for the genome curation alignment of practice to train new joiners and to ensure internal knowledge of curation is up to date and standardised
  • Work closely with external parties such as vendors, suppliers and auditors to ensure smooth communication and coordination regarding genomic solution implementation
  • Perform any other duties assigned by senior officers